New Beginnings and Great Hope for the Future

Posted by Matthew Schonewille, Category: Editorials,

Every year on the Wednesday before Labour Day, the Edifide Woodstock District meets for a time of inspiration and reflection and this year was no different. Each school introduces its new teachers, educational assistants, principals and other personnel to the community. I had the privilege of meeting a couple of teachers who were about to start their educational careers and it reminded me of my own beginning 37 years ago.

On this first day of another new school year, let us take the time to pray/encourage and care especially for those new members of our teaching communities. As with our students, may we encourage questions, embrace both failure and success and work wholly ‘with’ each other. To me, there is nothing better than learning things from our younger colleagues and learning together with them to create a culture of respect, honour and professionalism.

As I listened to Ken Van Minnen’s devotion on the good news of the torn curtain of the temple, the God-with-Us and enjoyed the leadership of the praise team from Strathroy as well as meeting new teachers, I thanked God for his faithfulness to Christian education. We do not work in our own strength, every day God reminds us that he is renewing his Church and we are his agents of hope and love and learning. We live in the hope of the resurrection! I hope this first day and all the days that continue are blessed!

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