Explaining how we came up with The Logo, The Name and The Tagline.



The typeface of the wordmark is bold, clear, legible, and professional balanced by a more traditional and bookish typeface of the tagline. It is a fresh, contemporary look for an organization that is poised for the future while aware and appreciative of its rich history.


Overlapping ”flames” were inspired by stained glass windows found in houses of worship.

The inclusion of a burst of light represents inspiration, the spark of new ideas, the fire inside, passion and the illumination of the Holy Spirit in all areas of study including the arts (think cut and paste, construction paper, colour pallets, crayons etc.) and math (think geometry) and science (prisms, properties of light, etc.)

The shapes also describe pages from a book, individual sheets of paper or the digital screens on which we read or do our work.

All this combines for a meaningful and memorable graphic identity which accurately captures the mission and vision of the organization.



Edifide is both a modified spelling of the word “edified” as well as a hybrid word made from the words “educators” + “fide” (latin for faith). This name clearly describes an association focussed on Christian Educators but it also describes the mission of the organization namely the edification of its
members. Pronounced ed-dee-fied


The TAGLINEEdifide_logo_Tagline

The TAGLINE further unpacks the meaning by stating that edifide is “ for those with faith in education.” It is a clever double entendre describing both the educator with faith and the educator who is hopeful and passionate about the purpose and future of education.



To enlighten, equip and encourage Christian educators.



A vibrant, stimulating community of Christian educators on the leading edge of new ideas and best practices.

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